Elevating Automotive Artistry with OSK

For over 45 years, OSK has stood as a distinguished leader in the manufacturing of automotive parts and tools. Within our legacy of precision and expertise, a new chapter has emerged: OSK Tools. Our specialized venture is meticulously crafted to cater to a passionate community devoted to the modification and restoration of all types of cars.

At OSK Tools, every car under modification is seen as a canvas, waiting for an artist's touch. We acknowledge the artisanal essence behind each modification project, recognizing the individual breathing life into these vehicles as a true artist. In this creative endeavor, we aspire to be the essential brush, aiding and empowering these artists with the perfect tools to complete their automotive masterpieces.

Our vision transcends mere tool manufacturing; we endeavor to inspire dreams and passions, ensuring that every car modification project becomes an artistic journey. With OSK Tools, we don't just provide equipment; we offer a gateway to creativity, precision, and excellence in the timeless art of automotive modification.

Join hands with us, and together, let's redefine the standards of automotive artistry.


  • Accomplishments

    Our approach to research and development andconstant attention to the evolution of analogoustechnology, capacitates our team to stay on top of ourindustry and surpass existing standards.

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  • Standards

    Our products conform to international standards, such as theAmerican National Standards Institute (ANSI),Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), and InternationalOrganization for Standardization (ISO). We also work withartists and designers to give our tools unique modern designaesthetics. We want you to do it right and do it with style.

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  • Design

    Collaborating with Raphael Bolzer. French born artist who has more than 20 years of experience in product and fashion design.

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