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Akira Nakai  中井 啟 Hand-made Vinyl Art Toy 
全世界200本限定(SOLD OUT)
.1/6 scale, 12 in.
.Available with OSK AR (More information below) OSK ARで利用可能(詳細は下記)


Made in China, Designed in Taiwan

A collaboration between OSK TOOLS, modern pop artist Jei Tseng of JT Studio and Japanese Porsche tuner RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) comes a limited edition hand-crafted collectable figure of RWB founder, Akira Nakai.

Born on the streets of Tokyo and bred in the twisty hills of Tsukuba piloting the quintessential, generation-defining Toyota AE86, Nakai-san developed the ROUGH WORLD drift style with the help of his loyal crew members.

When no a stranger to the local drifting scene, he moved on to fulfill his dream and bought his first Porsche 911 at a young age of 28. Nicknamed “Stella Artois” after his favourite Belgian beer of choice, Stella marks his “Zweite Entwicklung” or “Secondary Development” process to bring a whole new elevation to these old air-cooled Porsches.

Travelling around the world with his tools housed in a Rimowa suitcase, fans of his “rough style” love him because his body kits transform the Porsches into a larger-than-life exaggeration of a finely tuned race car. Our NK001 is hand made with love into a collectible art figure as a tribute to Nakai-san’s history and is limited to 200 units worldwide.

“I don't think about the past or what the future will bring. I live now and am doing what I consider to be the most important thing at the moment and what I enjoy doing. Porsches are simply my favorite cars.” Nakai-san has no plans for the future, he says. As long as customers appreciate his work and buy from him he will carry on with what he’s doing now. “After all after all, I'm not going to give up smoking.”


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